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Rise in Kraft Paper Prices and Its Impact on Packaging

The final product price doesn’t entirely depend on the manufacturing process; it also relies on the packaging. A high cost of packaging will raise the price of the product, which consumers won’t find convenient.

Customer Service: What ‘Going Above & Beyond’ Looks Like | Norkol Blog

The Norkol family began our business problem-solving for customers in ways the converting industry had never seen. ‘Going above and beyond’ isn’t just a catchphrase for us, it’s the cornerstone of our company. With our hundreds of employees across the country participating in this culture of customer service, Norkol has created all kinds of transformational experiences.

"Maximize Your Quality Paperboard Stock with Versatile Valor Board "

Norkol strives to innovate and problem solve every day, which is why we are introducingour own private-label paperboard. Paperboard is already a staple packaging material, but efficiently sourcing the highest quality brands isn’t always simple for our customers. With Valor Board, our paperboard customers can now access the highest quality, dependable paperboard materials with ease. 

Pressure Sensitive Technology | Norkol Blog

Pressure sensitive materials are as diverse are they are widely available. These materials are used just about everywhere for a reason: they are safe, cost effective, and highly specialized by industry.

"Norkol More Than Doubles Annual Donation to NAMI "

NORTHLAKE, IL (February 26, 2019) – Norkol, one of the largest independently owned paper and packaging providers in the nation, has reaffirmed its commitment to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) by more than doubling it’s 2017 annual gift in 2018. Half of the total donation has gone to the national organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, while the other half was provided to [...]

"New Year, New Upgrades For Inventory Management | Norkol Blog "

At Norkol, there’s no ceiling on continuous improvement. Just in time for 2019, Norkol has implemented Hawkpoint and is in the process of implementing cieTrade systems to revamp operational tracking and inventory management. We can’t wait to tell you all about the ways we’re making service faster, production smoother, and efficiency higher.

How Norkol Logistics Keeps Our Customers Competitor | Norkol Blog

No one likes watching something beyond their control negatively impact their bottom line, but that’s what relying on vendor logistics often forces customers to do. With all of the variables capable of disrupting deliveries of essential paper and packaging products, the adaptability and efficiency of logistics are paramount in protecting the customer’s investment. At Norkol, our logistics operation [...]

"How Norkol Keeps Packaging Cost Effective | Norkol Blog "

The cost of procuring packaging can go up and down depending on supply chain dynamics, raw material availability, regulatory changes, and transportation costs, but our customers’ budgets tend to be a lot less variable. It takes an agile, flexible network of packaging sources and logistics services to prevent market changes from impacting customers. This is how Norkol works behind the scenes to kee [...]

"Paper Converting Technology For Better Products, Better Prices | Blog "

Norkol’s continued effort to beef up the equipment arsenal that keeps our operation turning — literally — shouldn’t come as a surprise. Leveraging technology to solve problems and improve service has been part of the Norkol brand since the early days of Norbert and Mary Ellen’s converting operation. To keep our customers and partners in the loop on our growing paper converting services, here’s an [...]